Located on the edge of Europe and Asia, Kazakhstan embodies the diversity of both. Asian and Middle-Eastern motives symbiotically coexist with a West-oriented culture in the more than 120-national population. The largest country in its region, Kazakhstan offers magnificent desert, steppe, mountainous, and seaside locations of tremendous scale, comparable to the world’s most immense examples all around the world.

  • Mountains, plateaus and canyons of the Tian Shan offer the great variety of stunning extraterrestrial landscapes, and some of them compete with classic space sci-fi filming spots like Sahara, Sierra-Nevada and the Grand Canyon.

  • Being the first people to domesticate horses around 4.000 BC, the Kazakh remain keen horseback riders, and horse breeding is among the most popular national hobbies. This makes Kazakhstan the perfect destination for filming plots that include horses and riding.

  • Kazakhstan is a Mecca for all kind of car shoots, especially the off-road shoots. Decent road infrastructure and 1.000-mile long bitumen serpentines allows filming lengthy motion scenes with a single take.

  • Astana is a city erected in the middle of the desert during the recent 30 years. As a result, it has modern architecture and perfectly aligned street planning, which makes it a nearly ideal “City of the future” on blue screen.

  • The Baikonur Cosmodrome is the world’s second largest spacecraft launch facility after the Kennedy Space Center in Canaveral, FL. The former key site of the Soviet Space Program, it provides one of the best space-themed filming locations in the world.

Routes to Kazakhstan

Being stretched out for more than 2.000 miles from East to West, Kazakhstan will require rather lengthy flights to get to. From most European cities, it will take about 7 hours and at least one connecting flight to get to Almaty or Astana.

For seaside locations on the Caspian shores, 40-min flights and 2-hour ferries from Baku, Azerbaijan, are available. Citizens of a short list of countries including U.S., Japan and most Western European states do not need visas for short-term stay, however, permanent residence will require a permit.

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