Ian Blomkvist is the leader of the alternative group Blomqvist, popular in Germany, and a talented electronic artist. In his music, he combines melodic tech-house with a melancholic electro-pop. His tracks are filled with minimalistic pulsating beats, a powerful rhythm, dreamy and dreary vocals, reminiscent of Tom Yorke. He often performs and records with pianist Felix Lehmann and drummer Christian Dammann, and also writes with lyricist Ryan Mathisen. The last few years, Jan Blomkvist spent playing live-sets on the famous dance floors. Today, the geography of his speeches covers the whole world.
His relationship with music began with the first guitar, which his parents gave him in the hope of raising a new Keith Richards. Soon, Yang formed his first group and began to look for himself in punk. As he said later: "This is a time of rather destructive music, but more or less formative character."
At the age of 21, as a student of aerospace technology, he became acquainted with techno. He realizes that music can become his profession. He sleeps during the day and disappears in the studio at night, bringing his tracks to perfection. He earns money as a bartender in a weekend club and spends it on “educational trips”: Radiohead open-air concerts, Bar25, various Berlin after-parties.
The first solo release for Jan was “Remote Control” at Armada Music in 2016. With a rock-n-roll drive and a dance beat, the record brought Blomkvist real popularity. He performs at famous festivals for a crowd of thousands of people, his YouTube clips are watched by millions, the number of performances reaches 400 events in a couple of years, experts of the Amsterdam Dance Event conference call Jan “one of the most interesting and promising young musicians in Berlin”.
In early October, Blomkvist released a new disc, Disconnected, which he will present in Kiev as part of his tour.

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