Strichka Festival May 20

Strichka Festival
May 20 Closer / 31 Nizhneyurkovskaya Str., Kyiv, Ukraine
Featuring: AUX88, Plaid, Monolake, Lil Louis and other artists.

On May 20th, 2017, Closer will host the fourth annual Strichka electronic music festival. Strichka (a Ukrainian word for "ribbon") will bond the hearts and minds of people of different ages, colors, sexes and races in their mutual appreciation of electronic music with the festival taking place on the grounds of the former ribbon weaving factory in the center of Kyiv.

The festival represents a simple, modest approach to life while encouraging and celebrating experimentation and non-conformity. Following participants will be playing live: AUX88, Plaid & the Bee, Monolake VLSI Surround, Electric Indigo, Melchior Productions Ltd, Maayan Nidam, and local producers Lobanov K. and Voin Oruwu. Other named actss, such as Special Request, Superpitcher, Lil Louis, Yone-Ko and Tama Sumo & Lakuti will play their dj-sets along with Closer’s own residents to be revealed soon. House music legend Lil Louis is also in scheduled to showcase his new album at Strichka, presenting new tracks off it and speaking with fans about its making at the separate event.Nastia, one of the brightest members of the international techno scene and Ukrainian born co-founder of the festival will play her set at Strichka. Among the permanent members of the line-up are Abelle - founder of the famous ARMA17 club, along with its’ resident Ranishe Niyaak.

The festival will be opened in the courtyard of the main building of the factory, where the guests will have a chance to attend an open air party to celebrate the start of the event, and a light and sound show. to be remembered for life. Closer; 3-d Floor; Mezzanine, and Otel’ dance floors will open at midnight, with Lesnoy Prichal (Russian for “forest pier”) summer terrace opening in the morning for an all-day continuation of the party, also launching the summer season at Closer, and as anyone who has been knows, this is a euphoric time of year. The grounds of the factory will host 6 spaces in total, each dedicated to a certain musical genre, and you’ll be free to find the one that suits you. A food court, additional lounges inside the building, bars and personal storage spaces will be provided for the convenience of the visitors. Also, additional entrance and exit points will be prepared to ensure safety and improve navigation between dance floors.

Follow the event’s Facebook page for updates and full line-up: advance electronic tickets here: to find us: Kyiv, 31 Nizhneyurkovskaya Str.Facebook: Closer:

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